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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1863942641532122359710186*Stuart W BlytheMarshall2020/2021Division 2 3rds1 1Geelong City
28512815831532122359707585Jack BurnsMarshall2020/2021Division 2 2nds3 1Bell Park
3854116881532122359704085Corey WalterMarshall2020/2021Division 2 1sts2 1Bell Post Hill
4757617121532122348857875Hunter VisserMarshall/Murgheboluc2020/2021Under 17 Everett3 1Geelong City Foote
57121398751532122368638671Sebastian LoaderMarshall2020/2021One Day South (50) Group 23 1Geelong Womens
6678526731532122359710767Jaidyn LambMarshall2020/2021Division 2 3rds3 1Bell Park
7604116881532122359703760Corey WalterMarshall2020/2021Division 2 1sts1 1Geelong City
8564116881532122359704356Corey WalterMarshall2020/2021Division 2 1sts3 1Bell Park
9543842501532122359703754Jack ColeMarshall2020/2021Division 2 1sts1 1Geelong City
105211049561532122364541752*Shawn SkeneMarshall2020/2021One Day South (50) Group 11 1South Barwon
11528538921532122348857852Olegas RodgersMarshall/Murgheboluc2020/2021Under 17 Everett3 1Geelong City Foote
125012026711532122364542650*Tj SinghMarshall2020/2021One Day South (50) Group 21 1St Albans Breakwater
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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